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The aD5 sound module comes with an upgrade from the ATV Store worth over 200€!

The upgraded module contains:

133 instrument files of the highest uncompressed stereo sound quality
5 factory kits
7 additional generic kits
12 aDrums Standard special Steve Wilson kits
12 aDrums Expanded special Steve Wilson kits

Anyone knows how to get this Kit expansions?
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Are you not able to download them from the online store?
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There is nothing to find in the official online store!
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Any news on this topic?
Would be also interested in these additional Kits...

Nothing in the ATV Sound Store or website though

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I was also curious about this and found nothing either but I wouldn't get too excited. I'm pretty sure they're simply kits made from pre-existing sounds already available from the Sound Store (as it'll cost you about 200 euros to buy every extra instrument in the sound store which just happens to be the value of the upgraded instruments). Agreed, they'd be nice to have for diversity but I've already got too many kits to confuse myself as it is, so not too bothered anymore.

If however, there are instruments not available from ATV, obviously that would be a whole different matter.


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