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Hi all,

Thank you for inviting me to this forum. I am a beta tester for the Pearl Mimic module, and I play a beautiful white, 7 pc Drum-Tec Pro Series kit, together with ATV Artist cymbals (and of course the Pearl Mimic). I would say I am the owner of one of the most amazing edrum kits in the world today - I feel very proud to have it, and it is a joy to play. The combination of ATV cymbals, Pearl Mimic module and Drum-Tec shells is pretty incredible, and judging from the comments I get on FB and YouTube and at the live shows I play, many people seem to agree.

I play in a number of bands covering various genres, always using my ekit. I have been on YouTube since 2006, with many videos of drum covers and more recently, with videos showing off the sounds of my kit and how I use it in a live scenario. I am active on most of the FB edrum forums, regularly sharing photo's and videos of my kit / performances.

I love my ATV Artist cymbals. I've got the 14" hats, 12" splash, 14" crash, 2 x 10" splash, 2 x 16" crash, 17" china and an 18" ride. They look wonderful with the kit and they play beautifully.

I have recently been involved in helping ATV and Pearl (via the Mimic software developer) to install ATV specific trigger pre-sets in the Mimic, for the hi hat. The hi hat has proved tricky for some people to set up with the Mimic, and it has been very interesting to understand why this is, and to find solutions via the Mimic software, to make the hats work easily for everybody. This work is still on-going. There is nothing wrong with the ATV hats, and nothing wrong with the Mimic! It is simply a case of one brand needing to understand the precise inner workings of another brand, and calibrating appropriately.

To my amazement, I was nominated in 2018 and 2019 by Digital Drummer magazine as 'Edrummer of the Year'. I didn't win in 2018 (and the result is not yet in for 2019), but it is an honour to have been nominated :)

Drum-Tec Pro Series shells, ATV Artist cymbals, Pearl Mimic Pro module.
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Hello Alex,

welcome to this forum! I love the description of your e-Kit and I am certainly curious about the Mimic Pro!

And sooo very cool that you were nominated by Digital Drummer magazine!
Previous 2Box owner, currently Roland TD-12, Linko A2E-converted-kit, SuperiorDummer 2, BFD3, Low-volume cymbals
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